Eburg Speaks: The Hidden Conversation

According to Healthline, one out of every four college suffers from some for of mental illness. 44 percent of American college students have symptoms of depression. 75 percent of college students don’t seek help for these mental health problems. 19 percent of young people in the United States either contemplate or attempt suicide every year. Lastly,  four of every five college students who either contemplate or attempt suicide show very clear warning signs. If these statistics don’t scare you and urge you to want to help this problem I’m not sure what it would take?

Helping this problem and pushing for change starts with campaigns like EburgSpeaks.


When this campaign started and was being talked about in my class it hit a soft spot for me. In my life I know many people who are suffering or have suffered from mental illnesses. Someone very close to me had their life taken due to a mental illness, and it was not until after that I had known what was going on. When I found out the news my head went spinning, thinking to myself what if I could have changed this outcome?


Eburg Speaks was a campaign launched for Mental Health Awareness Week to help change the way we look and talk about mental health. Throughout this whole week our Bateman team put on different events throughout campus including a panel, a campus wide march, and tabling amongst other activities to help raise awareness for mental health.

The event that I attended was about what make you “feel good.” They placed a board in the middle of the Student Union building for students to come and write what they did to take care of themselves. The board was filled with many positive and uplifting things, and gave you the opportunity to express yourself and walk away feeling good.

Although mental health is a hard and sensitive topic to talk about it is vital that it is done. From personal experience, I have come to notice that the worst feeling that people experience is loneliness. No matter how may people you are surrounded by, when suffering from a mental illness you can just feel alone. It’s campaigns like this that motivate us to open up these conversations. To make people feel like they are not alone, and knowing that others are going through the same thing. There is so much power in words and conversations, and if we take the right approach we can all change someones life.


Millennials do not realize how much impact that they can have. Our generation is taught to embraces the differences of one another, and by simply doing this we are able to help one another. A campaign such as Eburg Speaks gives us the push to continue this conversation, not just for the week but for the rest of our lives. So let’s continue to push for change, and positively impact those around us.


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