To Live and Die in LA

After an early flight from Seattle to Los Angeles, I successfully got through my first full day in LA!

So I told myself that when I got to LA that I would try to run everydayimg_5032.jpgand let’s just say that my first day was a success, but my goodness I am beat running up all those hills! In honor of Tupac’s birthday, it only seemed fitting that my playlist of my run was all of his greatest hits. I highly recommend anything Tupac while running. So thank you Tupac for getting me through my first run in LA, may you rest in paradise.

After my run, I went down to my new favorite people watching spot. If you know anything about me, people watching is so fascinating to me! Being a Washington girl, I can’t help but find the nearest Starbucks and lucky for me it’s only a crosswalk away. This new little cove is a nice spot to just sit, and it’s filled with lots of yummy food so I am definitely looking forward to that!

As the day went on me and my Tia ran errands, got manicures, and I ate my first fat burger. Now I see what all the hype is about, but Campus-U-Totem will forever have a special place in my heart haha!

The highlight of my day was going to my first Hollywood party! My Tio works in the film industry, and we attended Quixote’s annual party. I must say for my first Hollywood party it was definitely a good time. We danced, we drank, we rode a ferris wheel, we networked. It was a blast.

What I love about this city is that everyone is themselves. I met so many different people last night; from people who work in the entertainment industry, to restaurant, to medicine, and even a kindergarten teacher and all of them were so “themselves” in a sense. It was so insightful to see how many of these people got to their careers, what their dreams and aspirations were to what they are now. Needless to say I left the party feeling inspired. Making the decision to come to LA for the summer was on a whim, but I am starting to feel like I made the right decision. Thank you Quixote for an amazing evening, and giving me the push to stay in LA and be inspired by everything around me.


Till Tommorrow.




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