Miles To Go

Since my last post some exciting things have been happening, but me simply being me I haven’t captured any moments of it.. as some say life is about living in the moment right?

On Wednesday, ya girl moved a total of nine miles throughout the whole day and three of them were running. That is a huge accomplishment for me because being a sprinter I don’t run over a mile for anything. So pat on the back for that one! The other six I spent exploring LA, and when I say exploring I mean getting lost when I thought I knew my way. It was fun though! I know that every time I am walking somewhere I look lost because so many people have asked me if I need help finding my way, which I can appreciate at the end of the day. Looking lost makes me realize how lost I am in the city. When I say lost I mean mesmerized with it liveliness. I love that this city has so much art everywhere. I find myself looking down more than I look up. By In-N-Out burger I saw DAMN. spray painted on the ground, and blocks later I saw a quote spray painted on the ground saying “selfie’s kill more people than sharks do.” Do you agree? Regardless, I love being in a city where I can always find a new piece of art it all depends on where I am looking. This one is my favorite that I saw that day. I probably stood at this post for a about a solid 7 minutes just looking and reading it over and over. I couldn’t help but wonder what inspired this artist. Was this written to a person they love? Did they intend to give it to them? Is this inspiration for the world? Who knows, but I am thankful this street artist caught my eye and hopefully catches others.

IMG_5129On Thursday my day started off really slow. I slept in super late because I have been having trouble sleeping, but once I finally got up I went and did an adult thing… Had brunch by myself. Yes, I did it and I even sat outside with a book. Needless to say the funny looks were quite entertaining. I had brunch at this little cafe right on sunset blvd called The Griddle Cafe, and if you’re a breakfast person I HIGHLY recommend it. The portions are huge, and the prices are out of range for a broke college student but it was well worth it! I spent most of the rest of the day hanging out. More time spent in the sun, until I get a text from my Tio about going to a private screening for Nick Cannon’s new movie at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. 1. I didn’t know Nick Cannon was coming out with a new movie 2. How was I going to say no to that?!


Talk about an interesting experience though haha! We show up in casual clothes so lots of people, in my opinion, overdressed and (also in my opinion) wanting attention. As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I live for people watching, and this situation was quite entertaining. It was so cool to look inside of everyday life of people who work in the film industry. I stood right next to Howie Mandel, who showed up in a casual adidas suit and went to town on some popcorn. Eventually Nick Cannon showed up, turban and all, and I got to see him introduce and talk about his movie. What was most interesting about the whole experience was that it was the first time that I was around celebrities and they acted normal. You hear stories of people being “divas” and overly dramatic, but this was a setting where it was just relaxed. Made me feel no so unimportant, just kidding!! Anyways, the movie is called King of the Dancehall and aires at the end of summer on YouTube Red. If you’re into movies with culture, I recommend checking it out. I know I left the theatre wanting to go to Jamaica just to dance!


On Friday I woke up, made myself some breakfast, eventually got dressed, and went to Starbucks across the street. & on my way home I MEET DEREK ROSE! y’all don’t understand how shook I was. I am waiting to cross the street to go back to the apartment, and I look over and see this cute little boy with his dad and a man comes around the corner of the car and it is Derek Rose. Some kid’s bombarded him so I had a casual hello, and it was nice to meet you kind of passing. I was definitely not expecting that on my casual mid day coffee run, but hey it’s Los Angeles you never know who you will run into.

& PTL my day continued to get better. I finally finished Because of a Woman, for the second time. AND I got a phone call about a job that is right across the street from the apartment. Being here a week and not doing anything was starting to make me doubtful and antsy, but I landed the job right on the spot and start immediately.

It’s been a great start to the weekend, and I can’t wait for how many more miles I have to go throughout this summer.




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