Sun Kissed Adventures

So I have been slacking on my writing, but for good reason.

On Saturday, I had a pretty lazy day. Kinda moseyed along most of the morning, and eventually my Tio and I got the energy to get up and run some errands. We went down to the Grove to go to the Apple store, and we all know how long that wait typically is. So our hour and a half trip turned into three hours. We had lunch, chatted, and all that fun stuff. One thing I have come to learn about the people here and this city is that 1. people have no sense of personal space and 2. have no problem saying what is on their mind. As I was waiting for my lunch this woman who was foreign happened to bump into another woman who was standing closely to me. Hence the no sense of personal space… Anywho, the woman who was next to me had the audacity to yell at the other woman calling her awful names, which I won’t repeat, and on top of that she was yelling over it. It was one of the most outrageous things I have ever seen, but hey it’s Los Angeles like I said people just say how they feel I guess. So that the shocking thing of my day!

On Sunday, we went to this beautiful Japanese Garden in Van Nuys and I had no idea that one place in a big city could be so peaceful. It was 90 degrees that day, but so worth the scorching heat. What is it about Japanese Gardens that make you feel so at peace with yourself? I don’t know but it inspired me to want to make a mini one once I own a home haha! If you’re ever in Los Angeles you should definitely go. It is only $5 and is 1/2 all around. Here are some pictures:

Monday was my first day alone so I decided to get up and do something fun! I decided to Uber to Hollywood Blvd and walk around. It was my second time going there, but I swear there were so many things that I did not see before, granted last time I went it was almost dark. But it’s so fun to go down there because you see so many different things. I saw people handing out CDs for their album, people dressed as celebrities and movie characters, SO many tourists, and everyone asking you if you want a Hollywood tour!

The best part of my little solo adventure though was getting In-N-Out burger.


I guess trying burgers for the first time has seemed to be my trend lately. I have been to California so many times, and I have never gone so it seemed time to do so. Let me tell you I was SO SATISFIED! If you know me you know my love for french fries and how critical I am of new places and their fries. Let’s just say that I would definitely come back just for the fries. It was definitely well worth the 20 minute wait for a double-double and fries.

Today was my lazy day. I started House of Cards because everyone has raved about it to me so I have been binge watching that. I laid out in the sun again, because the weather is great. Read some more of Because of a Woman, which I highly recommend. Took Dyogi on a walk, and got a smoothie. So we will see what tomorrow holds. Still waiting to hear back from jobs, so fingers crossed for that.


Till then…



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